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How It Works

Replacement Filter

Each mask has a sleeve where a disposable filter can be inserted.  Our filter is made of 5 layers, carefully selected for their filtering properties. 


  • Activated carbon (charcoal) - reduce unpleasant odours through the process of adsorption (not absorption).  This works by attracting airborne volatile organic chemicals (gas molecules) on the surface of carbon until the layer is fully saturated (covered). Unlike absorption, the pollutants do not enter into the carbon structure but remain outside. When the carbon layer is all covered up with gas molecules, you may notice a strange odour, which is a strong indication that the filter needs to be replaced.  We recommend changing the filter every 12 hours of usage.  Note: the filter is fiber glass free. 

  • Melt blown fibre is made of polypropylene, which has several beneficial properties for filtration such as:
    • High liquid retention. Ideal for recollecting oil contaminates. 
    • High absorption capacity.  Fibre orientation and high surface area help trap particles.
    • High thermal insulation combined with breathability


Applying on Mask

Always wash and dry your hands before and after using the mask.  Insert the filter in the sleeve at the back of the mask.   Wear the mask on, and make adjustment on the nose clip and the ears by pulling the beads on the elastic. Replace filter every 12 hours of usage. 


Care Instructions

The mask should be washed after each usage.  Before washing, remove the valve (if applicable) and filter from the mask.  Discard the filter if it is has passed the recommended period of usage (12 hours).

If the filter is still in use, cover the filter in a paper towel and store it in a ziplock bag.  Wash the valve and mask with regular detergent in warm water. Hand dry both the valve and mask. Wash your hands after. 


Silk Masks 

Hand wash with luke warm water using gentle detergent. Scrub on the elastic earloops. Once it is rinse, we suggest using white cotton towel to pat out excessive water.

Lay flat to dry. Use cool iron or dry clean.

Silk is a delicate fabric so please do not machine wash.  Do not bleach.